Cheers! I Could Murder a Drink!

At the time of his marriage, Byron's creditors believed that as he had married a heiress, he would now be in a position to settle his debts as the newly married couple had also moved into the very grand house in London. However, by autumn in 1815, the bailiff beckoned, the sale of his precious library was initiated and executions were threatened and implemented and faced with all this,  Byron in his worry and torment did what many have done in that he got drunk AND frequently!

Behold the Blessings of Lady Noel – Damn!

As we know that no one lives forever - the Lady Noel was no exception for a mere seven months after Lord B's most facetious letter - his Mamma-At-Law died on Monday January 28 in 1822. Byron was not to receive the news of Judith Noel's death until early March from Augusta and true to his detestation of 'cant', his response was brutally frank...

Past Agony? Take a Stroll Along Piccadilly!

On one quiet and chilly afternoon I went for a stroll along Piccadilly to take a lingering look at the abode which was the scene of his short and difficult union with the unfortunate former Annabella Milbanke AND the inspiration for the creation of Byron's abode - albeit in 12th scale!