I Have Suffered! Can It EVER Be Known?

George Colman the Younger was the theatrical manager at Drury Lane and a wonderful writer of comedy who considered Lord Byron a friend and as they got drunk together on more than one occasion and he had an intuitive understanding of the complexities of the Byron marriage and the subsequent separation - perhaps his poem finally offers us a tantalising hint of what happened all those years ago?

‘Tis a Pity There Were Three of Us!

By April 1816 Annabella having already contemplated the vagaries, distress and challenge that her brief marriage of one year to Byron had brought her and having made her decision to leave in February 1816, the 'Suffering Angel' was to remain formidable in her resolution and the process towards Annabella's desire to be 'securely separated' from Lord Byron over 200 years ago was reaching an increasingly bitter, fraught and heart breaking conclusion...