NO Proposal? NO Obedience?

Was I not a little in the heroics yesterday?

I cannot play that part two days together.

If we do not marry under circumstances that might afterwards cause you to wish it had been delayed, I care little what they are…

I shall accede to whatever is thought best, and propose nothing myself.

You won’t think me better versed in self-knowledge than I am in the knowledge of others, when I tell you that I am a perfect Tory in my natural disposition to passive obedience.

Opposition of every sort has always been an exertion to me, and made from principle solely, whether right or wrong.

Very unfeminine!

… Forgive my heroics in consideration that they are first cousins to yours – their best apology to myself…

Seaham Hall (December 21 1814)

Sources Used:

Lord Byron’s Wife Malcolm Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

"And So I Must Let People Say What They Will Of Me" ~ Lady Byron

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